through the year

This video would feature one model, and display a selection of clips edited as a montage to show the product being used throughout the year. Exaggerated outfits, eg. winter coat and scarf, casual, formal, dressed up, swimsuit, skiwear, astronaut (no astronaut but you get the idea!). The video would be fast paced, vibrant and fun.

The everyday, year round value of the product is emphasised. The production would end on a smile shot of nice white teeth.


Overall message illustrates that Smiles is a product and routine that fits in with your routine through all seasons of the year!


date Night

Date night, two characters, both getting ready for their first date together - something everyone can relate towards. The narrative shows each of the characters getting dressed up and moving from an 'average' post-work appearance (trying to tie in with young professional target audience) to looking amazing for their date. 

The getting ready sequence would be slick and fast paced showing clips from typical aspects of the getting ready process (Girl - drying hair after a shower, applying make-up, putting shoes on. Guy: shave, ironing shirt, applying aftershave etc). The sequence would end with them using 'Smiles' just before heading out and then on the moment they meet for date presenting a prominent shot of them smiling at each other - the guy could even deliver a complementary line about the girls smile.


Be your best, let Smiles be the rest.


the morning after

Imagine the scene. It is New Year's day, after the party, 'Hangover style'.

There's someone taped to a chair, something on fire, bottles and mess everywhere etc. It's been a wild night. The party host wakes up in the scene and stumbles their way around, clambering over people and mess. Get to the bathroom, removes an animal (or odd item) from the sink and uses 'Smiles'. Ends with them showing their beautiful white teeth.


It's going to be a good year/start the year right/the new you starts here.