Smilelign Social Media Cheat Sheet 

Effective social media management is one of the best ways to get your clients to engage with you and become a customer for your services. On behalf of Smilelign we've created this Social Media Cheat Sheet so that you can get the most out of your social media, to maximise the number of your clients taking up a Smilelign treatment. 


Before & After Photos


Using a picture of an orthodontic cheek retractor clearly shows the effects of Smilelign treatment when it comes to re-arranging the teeth however the image of the retraction can be off-putting for some potential clients.

This means they may scroll past your content or create negative connotations with the image and not wish to further pursue the treatment.

These pictures are great from a dental point of view, not for attracting clients.

Examples of Good Social Media Photos 


Use pictures of a natural smile before and after treatment has taken place. As Smilelign’s goal is to give clients the smile they’ve always wanted, showing before and after pictures like this offers clients a perspective on how their teeth will improve in day-to-day life.

A lot of clients are scared or embarrassed to smile properly due to their misaligned teeth. Showing contrasting images of nervous smiling with happy, wide smiles is another way to greatly demonstrate the positive effects of the treatment.

Testimonials like this have shown to get more interaction and thus relate to more cases.


Top Tips

Read below for five specific tips on each social media platform. These tips will ensure you get the most out of the content you post on your social channels, translating to more clients in your practice.  


Using Instagram 

  1. Where possible use whole images, rather than montages
  2. Use localised hashtags
  3. Tag the patient and smilelign so both will share
  4. Look at your insights to establish when most of your followers are most active, post 1-2 hours before the peak 
  5. Consider the overall aesthetics of your grid, and make sure it aligns with your brand values 
twitter 400.png

Using Twitter

  1. Don't use more than three hashtags 
  2. Local hashtags for local business 
  3. Used scheduling software or an agency that does to make sure that content is regularly posted (ideally twitter should be three+ times a day) 
  4. Use visual content wherever possible
  5. Tag smilelign so we can share your activity

Using Facebook 

  1. Always include an image 
  2. View insights to ensure that posts are scheduled for peak time s
  3. Ensure that content is communicated in a way that would specifically engage your client demographic 
  4. Ideally a minimum of three posts per week 
  5. Engage with all comments received to start interaction 

Targeted advertising is also a great way to promote your practice across all networks. This can be a great way to engage with and get more clients from your local area. It is a proven method for increasing business but advertising like this can be tricky, if you need any help with this don't hesitate to contact us. 


Need Any More Tips? 

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