We believe in helping our clients move from a product-focus towards developing mutually beneficial relationships with customers that are based on positive brand experiences. 

We help you see what others can’t, so you can do what others don’t. To do this, we offer a 2-day marketing and business development consultancy package. 

How does it work?

Step 1

Examine your business and its marketing activities

We come in for a half a day to meet with you, get to know you and your company. During this meeting, we ask a lot of questions, listen carefully, and agree on which areas to focus on. We start from where you are, and work towards where you want to get to.

Step 2

Develop a plan

We go away and work on your business problem for a day, using models designed specifically to pinpoint how you can improve your marketing and profitability. To do this, we:

  • Analyse your current situation. 
  • Review and analyse your markets & customers. 
  • Find your best customers, and how you can position your company to target them better.
  • Design a marketing strategy and plan for you, with a clear destination and objectives for how to get there through your branding, pricing, internal processes, and communication methods. 
  • Hand this over to you with advice on how to implement, control and evaluate your progress.
Step 3

Deliver the plan

We come back and spend half a day with you, during which you get a short strategic report and a presentation. You’ll be able to walk away having understood:

  1. Your market and external influences on your business and customers.
  2. How to plan to position your company in your current and new markets.
  3. Your internal processes and how to create new advantages from your existing strengths.
  4. What to do next – which will depend on your situation – and how to check it’s working.

What’s in it for you?

Potential Benefits

With our two day programme, you can benefit in several ways. For example, we can help you:

  • Review your service and business model.
  • Develop a new customer-driven marketing strategy and value proposition.
  • Better understand your market(s), external risks, and trends influencing consumer behaviour.
  • Find your place in the global marketplace and explore new opportunities (e.g. export).
  • Get a benchmark vs. competitors and see where you can develop competitive advantages.
  • Better understand your customer and product lifecycle and how to take advantage of these.
  • Understand the effects of timing, supply arrangements, pricing, etc. on your sales.
  • Improve service quality without breaking the bank.
  • Understand how and why your customers approach, purchase, and relate to your products.
  • Understand the links between your consumers’ lifestyles and their purchase decisions.
  • Organise your marketing from the customer’s perspective and match your internal operations to your marketing. 
  • Communicate the emotional, societal, and environmental benefits of your product/service.
  • Do what’s right for your company, whether that’s using a CRM, social media, tweaking your service process or improving customer retention. It’s the small differences that count.
  • Give you strategic marketing options (e.g. planning sales promotions, preparing internal processes, re-shaping your pricing structure)

We understand that no two businesses are the same, and that your needs and requirements as a company are unique to you. That’s why our two day consultancy offer is designed specifically around your needs. We offer a basic external and internal analysis, and from there we work with you to focus on the specific needs of your business.

Meet your marketing consultant

Philippe is an internationally experienced marketing professional with a background in business management and an MBA from Warwick Business School. He brings to our team a background in international research, marketing and business development; with experience successfully working with and advising companies across the UK. Growing our skills base in this area allows us to extend our offer to include marketing and business development consultancy.


The marketing consultation costs £1,900. We can meet at your business or location of your choice. Do you have any questions? Like to know more or book a consultation? Click the button below and find out more.