Ideas for MacRebur Investment campaign

We believe to optimise the MacRebur campaign exposure, a strong socially engaged digital strategy is required, to support the targets and help gain the investment required. The key objective being for people to share the campaign with people who they think maybe interested, trusting the investment opportunity will fall into the right hands and be be shared fluently. 

We'd suggest working in hand with a tag that can be linked via the billboards and the messaging is positioned correctly for each channel that's used. 

Twitter Content
Frequent shots of success stories, highlight the momentum of the campaign and the opportunity available. Reach out and try to link with like minded groups and organisations (Tesla, eco groups, businesses with social awareness). Trying to connect with groups of people who are into new tech, mid to high wealth portfolios and environmentally aware. The Twitter campaign can also be used to push press releases and connections with the press, politicians and influencers to get them onboard with the campaign.

What is vital with all the networks is for the content to be presented in a specific way to that audience. Network users do not want to passed from one network to another in order to gather information.

Facebook Content
Overall information about any part of the campaign, reinforce success so far, personalised and open. Encourage the network users to share the content and the world changing potential and amazing opportunity to be involved. 

Instagram Content
This could be used to tell the story and build momentum visually to tie in with the campaigns key objectives. 

LinkedIn Content
Thought leadership articles that can engage and be shared on the network. It could be worth reaching out to key individuals in key industries inline with the Twitter objectives. 


The MacRebur idea is one which will appeal to a great deal of environmentally aware members of public who won't have the financial backing to make a large contribution to the campaign but support your vision. Thanking followers when they follow the social networks with a personalised tweet would help engage them further and share their interactions with their peers. Having support at this level would help with wider campaign momentum. 

Overall objective

Social media would be used to help leverage and reinforce key messaging from the billboard campaign. It would require regular monitoring and complementing wider the wider strategy.


We would need to know specifics of the campaign to ensure a social strategy was developed to work hand in hand with the broader campaign. Once this is established and we can see how much time is required, we can provide a focused cost estimate. We can disclose that our hourly rate for social media management support starts at £60. Our perspective is that you can never do too much on social media, but time is an entity which has restraints and as such we work to make the best use of the time available in order to help achieve your desired outcomes. 

We'd be really happy to hear more about the wider campaign strategy and supply a comprehensive quote to support the MacRebur campaign.