Rise and release


Yesterday Stephen left Social We Talk. A sad day for our team as the qualities of Stephen's character, sense of humour and quality work that he produced will be missed here in our office. Stephen has helped with various projects for us over the past 14 months from web, video, animation and branding and we're so grateful for his contribution. 

That said, I'm thrilled to see people thrive and follow their dreams and pursuits. When I left AHC  3 years ago, I remember CEO Peter Nicholas saying it's great when people are 'running to something new' rather than 'running away from something old'. When you move into something positively great things can happen. If you leave a role as you resent it but have no direction, chances are the same problems will arise in your next position.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 10.22.43.png

So where's is Stephen 'running'? 

Over the past 5 years Stephen has created The Good Christian Music Blog. An extremely popular blog and YouTube channel which now boasts over 95,000 subscribers (as of 29/9/17). The network has provided a voice for the emerging and established Christian & Gospel music artists to reach a new generation of people looking for authentic, quality, Christian music. Stephen has also recently launched a record label and has other side projects which are also ongoing. 

You can support Stephen and his work with Patron by clicking below, and watch this video about what your financial support will facilitate.

On a personal note, I'm delighted to see someone using their gifting and that new digital technology now allows for people become full time bloggers. If you're passionate about something, start a vlog today and let passion for your content be your motivator.

Here's some of our favourite featured tunes that Stephen has included on TGCMB  so far: 

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