Swallows & Damsons Portfolio Website Named One of the Best of 2016

We're very happy to share with you all that the website we created for Sheffield flower shop, Swallows and Damsons, has been named one of the Best UX Portfolio Sites of 2016 by Web Designer Depot!

The site we created for them focussed heavily on great images and letting Anna's floral work do the talking and this visual approach is something Web Designer Depot particularly liked about their website.

You can see exactly what they had to say about Swallows and Damsons website and our design work below.


"Swallows and Damsons is the portfolio of a floral arrangement company. I didn’t count, but I doubt there are thirty words in the whole UI and content put together. I don’t see this as a problem. What are you gonna say about flower arrangements? “Uhhh… they’re really, REALLY pretty, so please buy them?”

"This is one place where letting photos do all the sales work is a great idea, and the designer’s made it work."

You can see the piece on Swallows and Damsons and the other winners on Web Designer Depot's website.