Should I use Instagram for my business?

Do you have an active Instagram account for your business? Are you taking advantage of it's popularity and adaptability to construct your personal brand? You must now set aside a large amount of your social media effort on Instagram.

In 2012 Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram for a small sum of $1 billion. Many were confused with the purchase as the app was less than two years old, it appeared to be a financial risk. Retrospectively, Zuckerberg practically stole it. Now valued at $50 billion (USD) Instagram has transformed it's co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom into a billionaire.  

Instagram, unlike MySpace and Twitter (yes its days maybe numbered) won't be going anywhere soon. In 2017 Instagram is estimated to double its 2016 ad revenue. Here are the quintessential reasons why it’s time for you to go all-in with Instagram marketing:

1. Facebook provides longevity and security.

Recent estimates suggest Facebook could very well be worth $1 trillion in the future and is evidently a vital part of this world’s culture so rather than disappearing, Facebook is set to evolve and innovate further.  

Due to the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook, expect to see them in the picture for the long haul as well. If you invest time and effort in Instagram it will not go to waste, consider it as a long-term strategy.

2. Increasing size of Mobile e-commerce sales.

Business Insider's research division, has predicted that m-commerce will reach $284 billion by 2020, that's 45 percent of the total U.S. e-commerce market. Many consumers now happily shop using their mobile devices, and the number will continue to rise.

Instagram is a visual platform, giving you access to a world-wide audience. One of attractive Instagram’s most appealing features is it's advertising targeting, it shares this with Facebook. It allows you to reach any target audience, just like you can on Facebook. Many brands are still counting on organic reach and exposure, however that organic attention is soon to become very competitive and will result in a pay-to-play approach.  My advise, master Instagram's paid ads sooner rather than later.

3. Zuckerberg plans to wipe Snapchat off the map.

Billions of people use Facebook so obviously it makes a lot of money. Because of that Mark Zuckerberg is taking what works on Facebook and applying those successful features to all of their platforms, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

People complain that they are copying Snapchat, and yes, they have four times, to be exact. Zuckerberg even attempted to buy Snapchat for $3 billion in cash, the offer was rejected and as a result he set out to take their users. He's been doing this by adapting Snapchat's appealing features and applying them to his own media platforms.

He is certainly accomplishing his mission, Snapchat must be worried, especially since the company is no longer making money. In fact, in 2016 they lost $514 million.

If you enjoy using Snapchat maybe you should try Instagram’s Stories feature, its basically the same. Snapchat's attention is slowly but surely transferring to Instagram, so be prepared, Instagram is going to get even bigger.

4. The user experience for Instagram is first-class.

Instagram's simplicity is one of the main reasons it became popular and successful so quickly. It gives you images without the fluff. No wonder its so popular. 

Business owners are beginning to see Instagram's huge marketing potential and are starting to make the most of it. Make sure you don't miss out on this fundamental tool of communication, before its too late. 

If you think Instagram's explosive growth is an indication of it becoming a short lived-trend I'm going to have to say you're wrong. Instagram is now a vital cog in the modern marketing machine and trust me you don't want to be missing a component. In order to stay ahead of your competitors you must adapt to the modern trend and master Instagram, if you don't, you'll be one step behind.