New website for Philadelphia Students

From Ben: "15 years ago I left my home in rural Lincolnshire and arrived in Sheffield, having just turned 18, ready to start university. The community of students I met through the church I attended in those first few days gave me such support, friendship, fun and were a great reflection of God's love. The relationships formed in those early days proved to be the foundation upon which I now call Sheffield my home. So much has happened since then and what a glorious rollercoaster it has been! I've been reminded of that awesome journey and I have a debt of gratitude to those who offered sanctuary to me in those formative days.

Now, all these years later, I've had the pleasure of producing the new student website for St Thomas Philadelphia. I'm sure they will continue to welcome and bless many more generations of young people as they arrive in our wonderful city and I hope this website acts as a valuable gateway for them to connect with all that's occurring, experience Gods goodness and build long lasting relationships that equip them for their future. A big shout to Louise Ednie for the logo design and efforts from everyone else involved in producing this website."

You can share the website with students moving or here in Sheffield using:

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