Instagram Updates - September 2017

Instagram, a heavily mobile-focused social media site, has promoted a large push towards the desktop version with it’s latest update.


Stories For Desktop

What was once just a mobile-only feature is being rolled out onto desktop. It will be interesting to see what Stories on the desktop version appear as. Currently on mobile, viewing a story takes up the entire device screen – we presume this will not be the case on desktop.



A few months back Instagram introduced galleries whereby more than one photo can be uploaded in a, well, ‘gallery’ format. However, until now each photo has had to be uniform at 600x600 resolution. The latest change allows galleries to be formed with photos of varying sizes. It doesn’t sound like a big change but it’s great for those who like to take their pictures in landscape.

monitor engagement.png

Instagram/ Facebook Engagement Crossover 

The two sites have been linked for a while now but this change means that linked Instagram accounts can be monitored from Facebook. This is great because a lot of companies already operate on the two social media platforms, so combining the two even further makes monitoring both channels a lot easier.

threaded comments.png

Threaded Comments

The sharing of ideas continues with this new introduction of threaded comments. Ever looked at the comment section below a post and thought how much of a mess it is? - Even more so when you want to reply on your own post. The introduction of threaded comments is the first step to change that and make people actually want to converse on the site. It worked wonders for Facebook and Twitter when they first introduced it, it will likely be a success here too!

jaden smith.jpg

3 Becomes 4

Finally, news which seems to not please many. Instagram is thinking about tweaking its three-across picture format to a four across grid. This has unsettled many, especially people who have taken advantage of the previous 3x3 model to create some particularly engaging content. This idea seems a strange one, I doubt anyone has asked for Instagram to introduce it but the idea of seeing more of a profile without having to scroll is clearly apparent.