Happy First Birthday for 'Social We Talk?'

Today marks a real milestone for Social We Talk?

It’s a year ago today that I left the safety of a very good Business Development role with the worlds leading independent superannuation communications consultancy and took what felt like a gigantic leap into the unknown.  Starting my own business was, and still is, a rather scary thing to do!

After feeling a little trapped and limited in my role within a larger more corporate business I began seeking a way to allow my skills and passions to really flourish. I pursued some prospective job opportunities, but the job offers I received just didn’t fit my shape, ethos or ethic. Yes these companies did social media, websites and communications, but they didn’t feel like an opportunity to really make my impression. I suppose the beauty of starting your own business if you take shape every aspect of it, so it really can be something you want to be a part of.

Last June, after heading to Greece to see my brothers sailing business (www.offthebeatentack.com) I saw how it had taken flight and the independence he had from running his own operation. I was charged and looked for a way to make my own dreams come true.

My desire to start Social We Talk? is not, and was not, from a lust of money. I am not an entrepreneur who’s looking to own several houses and a helicopter in the future. I want to build a strong, sustainable business which provides a fantastic quality service for our clients and creates a working environment that provides a team with enjoyable job opportunities and values their contributions. Some say they want to create a business that’s like a family; I’m looking to build a business of great friends working together for a common goal. That’s the long-term vision. In these times of change, limited job opportunities and financial austerity I’d love to provide employees with stability and drive and in turn help our clients grow their business’s through great design and communication delivery.

So what have we achieved since we began a year ago?

Well…quite a bit! 17 websites and another 7 due to go live in the coming weeks, new brands, marketing strategies, we manage over 15 social media accounts, we’ve designed a full promotional stand for S4S Dental and Smilelign at this year's Dentistry Show, produced over 20 printed advertising campaigns for various companies, developed videos,  documented the visit of cabinet ministers to a clients premises, provided social media training and consultancy to various businesses as well as photography services and SEO. All in all, it’s been a very busy time!

So what does the future hold?

We hope to expand our team in the coming months as we look to accommodate our clients who are looking for more of a holistic delivery. Many SMEs are fed up with having multiple suppliers and want a one-stop delivery, and we can provide that. From design, to your website, print, video, photography, SEO, social media management and more.  If we can assist you with any or all these aspects,  let us know.


I’d like to say a huge thank you to all the people who have worked with me in my first year. You’ve enabled me to start this journey, thank you. 

  • S4S Dental
  • Smilelign
  • Charles James Financial Planning
  • Dean Thorpe
  • East Leigh Dental Care:
  • SSA
  • EPS
  • Park Dental Practice
  • Chequers Dental
  • Hasslemere Dental Center
  • Marazion Coastal Cottages
  • AHC (Anthony Hodges Consulting)
  • Off The Beaten Tack
  • Peboryon
  • Dencraft
  • The Courtyard
  • Churchfield Dental Practice
  • Keith Dental
  • Bourne Language Services
  • Receipt Tracker
  • Expenses Hub
  • Decode Studios
  • Swallows & Damsons
  • Chelsea & Fulham Dentist
  • Bearing Warehouse
  • Steal the City
  • Betty Ann

An extra-huge thank you needs to be said to:

  • Matt and Neil of S4S Dental for allowing me to work from their award winning Laboratory offices in Sheffield and allowing me to present my services at their training courses, which they provide across the country 
  • Dan Brennan of Decode Studios for his technical advice, stewardship and assistance
  • My parents, owners of the award winning St Michael’s Bed & Breakfast,  for their business guidance, advocacy and advice,
  • My brother, owner and founder of Off The Beaten Tack, for being such an inspiration  – you don’t have to follow the ways and patterns of the world, break from the norm
  • and last but certainly not least, my wonderful wife and son, Louise and Foy who have kept me focused and after all the late night working and long days offer me happiness, peace and love to keep me charged and ready to be the best I can be for our clients and Social We Talk?

I hope that you will journey with us. I look forward to sharing more of our adventure as it unfolds before us!