S4S Dental website is declared as a real beauty!

It's always wonderful to receive industry acknowledgement for our work. We've had this before when www.swallowsanddamsons.com was named as one of the Best UX Portfolio Sites of 2016 by Web Designer Depot.

This time, praise is being given by the dental sector for the new website we produced for S4S Dental. This site, developed using Squarespace, features video and photographic content that we produced and is designed to be simple and engaging for existing and prospective customers to use. Here's the write up from The Laboratory Awards:

Read the full article here: www.laboratoryawards.com/beautiful-dental-laboratory-websites

"The video on the homepage is immediately engaging and gives you a real sense of S4S as a company.

They’ve gone with simplicity, and have a single strong call-to-action in the hero image which just says ‘What we do’. This invites any visitor to click and head over to the ‘Meet the Team’ page. S4S have successfully given any visitor an insight into who they are, and given them an instant sense of familiarity."

See the website here: www.s4sdental.com

See the video we produced from their lab opening last year here: 

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