Happy 2019!

I wanted to take a moment to wish our clients and everyone else for that matter an update on where what’s going on with us at Social We Talk!

We’ve been quiet on our own social networks over the past few months as we’ve been so busy on projects. As is the biggest problem with most of our clients ‘we don’t have to the time to do social media’… Tell me about it!

Our deliverable work is always our priority we don’t want to post noise, we want to contribute quality informative and useful content which is of use to others.

Here’s some projects we’ve been involved with:

Lancaster Dental Practice

The Singing Dentist

Golddigger Trust

Professor Ama Johal Website

My Dental Surgery

Choices Community

Squarespace for Dental

Stories for the Soul

Smilelign Website

All in all we’ve been busy! Planning for the year ahead we have scope to take on new web and film projects, please email ben@socialwetalk.com with your brief.

We placed our Twitter on hold

Why!? Again, we don’t advocate the use of networks for the sake of it. We’ve seen little ROI on Twitter, and whilst it’s good for some businesses it’s not right for us at this time. We also felt in the current political atmosphere the content there was increasingly toxic and reflected the worst, rather than best in social media.

So what does 2019 hold?

Lots! We have social media consultations coming up, new websites to produce and video projects to deliver - contact us if you’d like to do the same.

Before then though Ben and Louise are expecting baby and will be on paternity/maternity at the end of January and February. See you the other side!

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