3 Difficulties You'll Face on Social Media in 2018 & How To Combat Them

Social Media is constantly evolving. As 2018 starts to go into full swing here's some difficulties you'll face across all platforms and some advice on how to deal with them. 

1. Finding Solutions to Declining Organic Reach

For too long brands have refused to accept the fact that organic reach is steadily declining and everyone in 2018 will have to realise targeted ads are one of the factors taking away organic reach.

Combating declining organic numbers is more than just investing in paid ads yourself. You need to build a sustainable strategy by being more selective with the channels you post on. A combination of targeted focus and social ads can be the step to seeing your reach numbers increase again.


2. Video Content is Reach Saturation

Video content is statistically the most likely to get interaction but it's nearing saturation point. With nearly everyone creating video content; it's now more important than ever to ensure your content is unique and engaging.

Make sure all video content you produce for social media is fit for purpose. Square video formatting performs best and can be used effectively across all forms of social. Short and snappy are crucial qualities but ensuring that the content has a message and is worthwhile to the viewer is what will boost engagement. People only tend to engage with things that affect them or they believe strongly about, concentrate on this to boost interaction.


3. Higher Demand For Interaction and Accountability

81% of consumers believe a social media profile that is engaging and responsive adds to a brand's credibility. As such, a higher demand for interaction is being forced from consumers.

Customisable chatbots are on the rise, allowing for consumers to find answers to their own questions, however many find this approach disengaging and useless for uncommon questions. Chatbots are great for generic FAQs but a dedicated human voice should be kept to ensure consumers aren't fed up with a fully automated system.

Social listening tools and being ready to respond to problems is what will make brands stand out on social in 2018. Be current and adaptive. After all, its surely not 'social' media if everything is published on a schedule set months in advance.


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