How to Effectively Use Instagram in Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram isn’t a photo dump. Used correctly, the content you push here can be seen and interacted with by thousands and generate business opportunities. We’ve made a handy overview to help you get the most out of your Instagram accounts.



For the benefit of SEO purposes, the account name should be the business name. Include direct links to other platforms and websites in your bio but don’t clog it. Describe the business concisely with keywords. For small businesses, try and connect on a personal level and show some personality. Especially avoid using your logo as your account picture to add a more personal feel.



Instagram filters are a great way to enhance your photos. Be aware when preparing content that images will be cropped to 612 x 612. Use the platform to put a face to your company, people are interested in the behind the scenes as well as the product on display.



One of the most important features, taking advantage of trending or popular hashtags is essential. Create one for the brand so that clients/customers can use it for interaction and sharing. Use specific hashtags so people find your content, create fresh hashtags for events and new releases to separate content. This allows your reach to branch out and your content streams to seperate. 


Just like all social media networks its crucial that you publish your content at the correct time. Unlike Facebook and Twitter however, Instagram's usage spike doesn't come during the middle of the day. Instead, the peak time to post is between 6-7pm. This is assumed that due to the laid back nature of the network, it's perfectly suited to post-work relaxing time. 


One of the more recent additions to Instagram. Stories can be used to share teasers of new products with pictures or 10-seconds of video. They disappear after 24 hours, so are a good way to gauge how many people engage with your profile daily. Stories can be used for short-term sales or to announce giveaways. They can also add personality to your account if the main content is used more professionally. Stories are used a lot to give a behind-the-scenes look which can really add depth to your brand.

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Both pre-recorded and live video can be used to great effect on Instagram. Live video allows direct interaction with followers as they can tune in and comment in real time on what they see. You can get opinions instantly from people who engage with the content. Pre-recorded allows you to produce it to a higher quality and make shareable content to grow your audience. 


Mentions can be used wisely to get more interaction on your account. The discover feature allows people who don’t follow your account to find your content in a separate feed of pictures that are suggested. Mentions and likes from other accounts drive their followers to your content, so networking is an essential part of Instagram growth. 

Mentions are also a way to give credit and network mututally. Tagging individuals shows appreciation and can give a profile a personality.


Regardless of the quality of your content, it’s worth remembering to manage your account effectively. Interact with people that comment on your posts either via the app or through the desktop portal, use services such as Hootsuite to keep up to date with hashtags and check the activity to find statistics related to engagement; then use these to see how you can improve.

Ensuring you’re putting out the right content and managing your account effectively can be time consuming and difficult. If you need help or advice on how to get the best out of your social media, contact us using the form below. 

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