Instagram makes Hashtag following easy!

A simple but awesome new feature has just been released on Instagram! 

They've made it super easy to follow the Hashtags you love, enabling you to keep up to date with core valued content.

How do I follow Hashtags on Instagram?

  1. Search a Hashtag in the search field
  2. You'll get a pop up explaining the new addition - tap on Got It
  3. Now you'll have the grid for the Hashtag you searched and at the top of the display you can chose to click and follow (it also provides a list of related Hashtags).

How do I find the Hashtags I follow on Instagram?

  1. Visit your Instagram page
  2. Click on 'following'
  3. You can choose to see the 'People' or the 'Hashtags' you follow
  4. Select the Hashtag you want to view and then you'll see the Hashtag grid for it. Simple!

With little tweaks and additions, Instagram retains it's quirkiness with great functionality. Easy to see why it's still the fastest growing social network in the world!

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