3 Social Media Mistakes Dentists Are Making That Hurt Business

One of the beautiful things about social media is how easy it can be to create your business account. The difficulty lies in having a worthwhile page that actually benefits your business with content that engages and empowers followers. Effective use of social media can mean up to 60% more clients in your practice - especially in high price sectors such as orthodontics. 

Some practices are put off using social media as they don't feel their time investment is recuperated monetarily. We know that buying decisions have changed dramatically in the last 4 years with most web users now viewing a prospective service providers social media as part of the decision making process. A practice which is absent or has lac-lustre content is not going to bode well for your potential client.

So what are some dental practices doing wrong on social media?   

1. Too Much Self-Promotion 

The self promotion from this practice has got no interaction

The self promotion from this practice has got no interaction

In a study 46% of people claimed the reason they unfollowed a business on social channels was because they were too self-promotional. Sure, people follow your page because they want to hear about news from the business, coupled with the occasional promotion, but just posting about products and services drives away audience engagement. 

How To Improve: Try to apply a 3-10 ratio where you can promote your services in just over a quarter of your content. Also use personality posts - let people get to know your staff. Ask questions and create discourse. Mention events outside of the practice and relate them back. 

2. Not Targeting The Right Demographics

Instagram is dominated by the 16-29 demograhic

Instagram is dominated by the 16-29 demograhic

Each social networks do different things. Instagram is entirely photo-orientated, Twitter is the short, sharp passing of information whilst Facebook is great to mix the two and create conversation with you customers. But each one has a different userbase.

Consider who your key audience is and who you want to reach. Where are they, what will their preferential social network be? Understanding your audience is essential to know where to focus your energy. 

How To Improve: Evaluate your demographic - your patients and the type of people you want to attract. For example you may wish to attract customers interested in SmilelignSpeak to your product providers and find out who their key market is and how you can leverage their marketing on social media to achieve results.

As well as focussing on the right demographics it's also worth posting at the right time so your content is seen. Study your data and online trends and try and target your followers as content rises with interactions rather than pushing it live at a peak.  Consider PPC and effective use of that to get your message as only 8% of organic content is actually seen by your followers on Facebook.

3. Infrequent/Lacklustre Posting

This dental practice hasn't posted to it's Facebook page since February

This dental practice hasn't posted to it's Facebook page since February

Businesses that have social channels but don't post frequently give off the wrong impression. Consumers go 'This practice hasn't posted anything since August, are they even still open?!' 

It pains us to see pages that have built significant followers and then don't post for months on end 🤐. What does that say about you?

However there's another side to it. Even regular posts, if no effort is made with them, can put people off visiting your practice. They see little effort in your online presence and assume that's how your entire business operates. 

How To Improve: 

If you're doing Instagram, post daily, use hashtags and interact with others. Facebook be sure to post 3-4 times a week at minimum. Putting effort into your posts gives a positive look for your business. With Twitter make sure you schedule content and try to get a minimum of 3-4 tweets per day, ideally 10-15. 

Take the time to take social seriously and you'll reap the rewards. 

Want better social but unsure how to improve? Contact us for a consultation on your social channels. We can help guide your voice 👊

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