Stephen's Favourites of 2016

Having enjoyed seeing Ben's top records of 2016 I couldn't miss out on the fun, so here are not just my favourite songs of 2016 but, favourite film and TV show too.


Everybody Wants Some

Following the success of his 2014 cinematic masterpiece Boyhood, Richard Linklater returned with a somewhat similar feel of film with Everybody Wants Some. Like Boyhood, there is no standout plot twist, or big event that carries the story but just an honest, realistic capture of normal life. Entertaining from beginning to end, it's a film that doesn't demand much from you but leaves you feeling oddly satisfied. 


Stranger Things

Without a doubt there is no other TV show this year that could take this spot. The epic synth driven soundtrack, the captivating plot, the incredible performances, what was not to love about this Netflix original? It had everyone captured from the first episode and already feels like a cult classic due to it's brilliant nostalgic nod to all things 80s. 


Arguably it wasn't the strongest year for music releases but for me there were still a number of standout tracks. After consuming Chance The Rapper's Colouring Book mixtape non-stop I could have included every song of the album here, but alas, I managed to restrain myself! 

Three big highlights for me:

This song never fails to grab my attention when it comes on shuffle but James Blake and Justin Vernon together (again) were never going to create something mediocre!

Another dream collaboration,  Francis & The Lights already sounded like a prodigy borne out of a Bon Iver jam session so it was only natural to see them work together. Interestingly I read somewhere that the vocal effect used by Kanye on this track is a plugin created/modified by Francis, used only on this, Chance The Rappers' Summer Friends and All We Got and some of Bon Iver's new album, most obviously on 715 - Creeks, not so coincidentally all of which are some of my favourite tracks of the year!

The gospel sample, Chance's grunts and the all round upbeat vibes of this track firmly place this on the list. Not the strongest bars from Chance by any means, but after his verse on Ultra Lightbeam who cares when the song is this fun!

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