We've just turned 2... We're walking, speaking & VERY ambitious

Happy Birthday to us! 

Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged and worked with us over the last two years. There’s a lot we can say about all we’ve done and achieved and whilst that is great instead we want to share with you our heart, ambition and desires for the future.  

What does this year ahead hold?

We're excited about entering ur third year of business and we see the following areas as being really significant for us going forward:

  1. Partnerships
  2. Video
  3. Social media
  4. Websites
  5. Design
  6. Training
  7. People
  8. Out

 ONE - Partnerships 

We really value working with a broad range of clients and delivering varied communication projects. We want to build upon the quality of project delivery we have developed and offer greater working partnerships with our clients to provide a multitude of communication services. Several of our customers now use asa one stop shop pointing out that it's easier to have one end to end experience and one trusted partner for all their design/social/web services. We're keen to build strong relationships offer this end-to-end solution for all who work with us, we're not a one trick pony.


TWO - Social Media

Yes this in our name and we do a whole lot more than just social media but it is so important. You can never do too much on social media, investing time in the debate, dialogue, sharing, engaging, reviewing, refining is a constant requirement. The future of network communications will mean businesses will have to have someone available full time to manage their social channels, whether that's an employee or an appointed agency. It will be the default contact method and the more ground you can make now to establish yourself the better. We will continue to manage social media profiles for our clients as well as campaigns and social strategies. 


THREE - Video 

The digital world is more video based than ever before. Facebook Live will change the way we share active media content. Instagram have extended their maximum video length to one minute meaning they have taken back ground originally forged by Vine and continue to be one of the fastest growing networks. Algorithms within the networks push video content above others in news feeds and how it is utilised has to be considered as part of your digital strategy. We now have full in-house video services and can produce videos about your business, interviews, Instagram content as well as guiding you in best practice for live media.


FOUR - Websites

We have become a Squarespace Circle member, meaning we have better access to the best brains and innovative approaches to using this platform to deliver beautiful websites for our clients. We love Squarespace and we can show what we can do with it for you. We will be also working closely with Decode Studios to provide innovative bespoke web projects, an exciting development in our story.


FIVE - Graphic design

We have a love for great design and want to help more and more businesses with their brand, developing logos and brand guides. From flyers and business cards to promotional stands or entire new brand development, we want to help you look your best.


SIX - Training

In the next few weeks we will be relocating to our new offices in the S4S complex, close to Kelham Island in Sheffield. We plan to introduce CPD training work shops, guiding attendees on the in's and out's of social media. We look forward to sharing more about  this shortly! Contact us if you're interested to find out more. 


SEVEN - People

We’re thrilled with our new appointment, Stephen, who is already making his mark on our business. We’re trying to display thought leadership in how we manage staff and have an open mind to get the very best out of people for our clients and for them. Allowing staff more time to do the things they enjoy outside of work empowers them to be recharged, refreshed and energised to give their best for the hours they’re at work. We want to challenge the mentality that long working hours and weeks equate to greater productivity. We don’t believe that is always the case. Quality isn’t always born from quantity.



At Social We Talk we’re passionate about giving back. Ben has visited the Calais 'Jungle' this year and he wants to make a tangible difference to those who face challenging situations.

We have spent personal time fighting prejudice online, seeing multiple racist social media accounts being deactivated thanks to our efforts.

We want to make a practical difference to peoples lives and we're exploring ways in which we can do that as a business. When you choose to work with Social We Talk you'll be supporting our broader vision. We can change the world if we look out for others a little more. 

Now that our Bono moment is over, it's time to crack on. We would love to work with you. Give us a call.

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