I tried & I failed, so I did something about it.

Last  September year one of my best mates offered me a last minute chance to run with his team, raising funds for Children in Need in the Windsor Half Marathon. I'd not trained and thought I'd just nail it. I'd run a couple of half marathons about 8 years ago and thought I'd absolutely fine. Basically I was a bit cocky as the absolute opposite happened. 

The night before the race I drank to much wine (serious error) which resulted in pre-race vomiting and a hangover (only the third time in my life that this has ever happened as I don't really drink... What a time to start Ben!!). I still did the run, feeling absolutely horrid and probably a few pounds lighter than usual! Anyhow, I set a terrible time for me (2hrs 30), and felt horrendous through the entire race and at the end simply crumbled to pieces on the floor.

The realisation hit that if I want to be fit I need to get active, and the benefits of regular exercise could have on other areas of life. So I joined Park Run, completing over 30 Saturday runs, I ran the Sheffield Half Marathon, a Trailblazers 10k, a Peak District 10k, the Round Sheffield 20k. I have cycled or run to work almost every day and run in the evenings when possible at home in Sheffield or when visiting family in Cornwall, Oxford or Scotland. Why? Well, all to run a proper race this year.

Over the past months I've ran with my wife, with encouraging friends and family (thanks guys!!!) and I'm keen to set right my wrong's of last year. The lessons from this can be applied to work and setting up my new company, Social We Talk. I've done good but there are areas I need to improve (speed, stamina, consistency, diet and other factors all contribute to sport and also do to work as well).

So this September I'm running for Children in Need again. But this time I'm wanting to do it right. After all, being invited by Graham to run on the Children in Need team last year has got me out and thinking about my fitness again and I have a debt of thanks for joy I've found in being so active again. 

This focus also acts as a springboard to consider my working future and I plan to accelerate, improve and refine what we've achieved at Social We Talk as we run towards bigger goals and victories.

If you can, pop a few quid towards this amazing charity and I'll try my best to do you proud this time round. Sponsor me here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Ben-Elliott-Social-We-Talk

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