Apple iWatch...iWant one, but iDon't

Wearable technology has the potential to be huge, massive, absolutely off the scale. It's tempting as there are a lot of advantages to these new watches, clothes and accessories. Now Apple, the biggest company in the world are in on the game, things are really hotting up as consumers who ordinarily would ignore such technology may be more likely to embrace it on the basis that it is, after all, Apple.


Personally, I love Apple products. I may as well be a share holder! My most recent counted that between my old iPods, Macs, iPads and Mac Books I have 10 Apple products in my home alone! I've probably spent more on Apple than I have cars! What seduces me in is the design, the ease of use, the joined up approach. And that's where the iWatch fits in.

One first inspection it ticks every box for me. It is beautifully designed, easy to use with great functionality. It is designed to work in harmony with other Apple products and there is also a wide choice of both interfaces for the clock face and external design of the time piece. I think it looks absolutely beautiful.

The TV adds, the long build up has all added to my desire to embrace this new Apple product, not just because it's a beautiful wearable piece of technology, but because it's a wearable piece of Apple technology. Now in this respect there is something that Apple have done very well. They have made it effortless for everyone to stay connected, to be traced (the find a friend App is more personalised and specific that police officer tracking technology I was using when I worked as a police dispatcher 4 years ago!) and to allow you to build a digital connection to the world around you.

The iWatch adds to this, connecting to your iPhone, allowing you receive updates and notifications when you get calls, emails, reminders, news all via your wrist. All that information is available there on your wrist. Now we come to it, this is it, the very reason that I don't want an Apple iWatch - I am connect enough to the digital world as it is.

My iPhone is almost always within reach, I'm on my Mac book between 8am and 5pm every weekday (except for a lunch time stroll of course!) do I really want to a watch that bleeps at every single email, especially when I receive as one every few minutes (at Social We Talk we promote focused email processing time to assist work-flow management)? As much as I adore the look of the iWatch, by its very nature it will be with you all of the time, and that's the point and the key reason why I don't want one.

If anything, the imminent launch of the iWatch has made me more curious about my father-in-laws vintage clock collection and I'm inclined to start hunting for a vintage time piece that, quite simply, tells me the time. There's a purity of the mechanism working in perfect balance mechanically that can never be, in my opinion, imitated by digital.

I make a point of having a 'DDO' (digital day off) once a week. I think it's healthy to have space for thinking, re-charging and to help with the balance of family life. Yes digital devices are great for keeping connected with loved ones, but for me at least there needs to be a balance (I'll cover this in more depth in a future blog!).  So whilst the Apple iWatch is likely to be a great success I'll be hanging out awaiting their next innovative product.