Image Importance for Social Media Updates

Image Importance for Social Media Updates

Using Twitter and Facebook for any kind of marketing or Social Media business engagement purpose can bring about a whole range of problems and new areas to discover that you wouldn’t have ever thought about before starting on a campaign.

The main area of concern and interest is getting your online posts, on whatever platform, out there to the biggest audience possible. There are a number of well-known ways to do this such as hashtagging correctly, including Twitter handles/links to clients, partners and other businesses within the post and using some form of analytics software to measure the most effective ways and times to post. 

One of the latest debates is around the use of images within social media updates and whether it is an important tactic to use. Some disagree on the importance of this, seeing no real benefits and therefore sticking to a text and link based approach. However, many agree that this is the future when advertising and marketing on social media and refer back to a wealth of research on the topic. 

Social media scheduling app Buffer has looked into the benefits of using images within posts and has found some interesting results, particularly in the case of Twitter. After trialling 100 tweets, the ones with images were 18% more likely to achieve a click through to their website, 89% more likely to be favourited and 150% more likely to be retweeted. Interesting statistics that spell a lot of good news for image based tweets!

Taking into account my own personal experience, I do see a huge benefit to the use of images within tweets and Facebook posts. On a professional and personal level, looking at the analytics services offered by both these website, I’ve seen growths in engagement on both sites. From more retweets to a higher follower count and plenty more clicks through to the content being promoted in the first place.

There are a few reasons I believe have been the contributing factor to this growth:

Firstly, the use of images makes your tweets and Facebook posts much more visually appealing. The eye-catching nature of images breaks up the overload of words and stops readers getting bored, aimlessly scrolling through content. This means people are more likely to look at that tweet/post creating a bigger chance of interaction or click-through to content.

Also, images can convey information that sometimes words on the blog post, article, advertisement etc, cannot. The emotional impact of an image can never be understated and while it may be difficult to explain the emotion you are trying to portray, that is something a picture can do. The information being portrayed in the image can also help many to understand what the piece is about before they even read it.

Finally, using images makes more use of the SEO potential of a piece of marketing and content. A tweet will be picked up by followers and the relevant hashtag streams but an image can be picked up through a Google Image search, which when found by someone will link back to the original tweet/content giving you double the opportunities to catch people’s attention with your content as well as having your content out there for a long period of time, giving people months rather than minutes to engage with it.

There is a lot of information and statistics out there but for me the benefits are obvious and I can see them every day when I share my content online. In a fast based, technology reliable world, the use of images differentiates from all the text and information giving people something fun, pleasing and still informative to look at. The use of pictures in social media marketing has never been more important.

By Charlotte Pearson, Profile Developer at Social We Talk?