Business Marketing Tips for Twitter

Having a Twitter account for your business is extremely important these days. As the social media world grows and grows, the ability to interact with your clients and customers quickly is a necessity to be able to be seen as a modern and accessible business. But Twitter can also be used for marketing your business and products out to current followers and potential new clients. 

There are many ways to do this but by making a few simple changes and using the tips we implement here at Social We Talk, you can make a big difference to your company’s overall marketing strategy and performance:

  • Use an analytics program, such as Google Analytics or the Tweet Activity function, to pinpoint popular content, popular topics, most read tweets, who your followers are and where they are situated, all of which can be used to tailor future content to suit criteria.
  • Use the search function to search for keywords and pick out the most searched words/hashtags that you can then use yourself within your future tweets. You can also use the Accounts tab to see influential accounts that use your keywords regularly and follow/interact with them to build your readership and widen the reach of your content.
  • Make use of hashtags!

- The hashtags you are using need to be easily searchable words that relate perfectly to your business and the content you are tweeting about.

- Use no more than 2 hashtags per tweet and really make sure those 1 or 2 hashtags perfectly sum up the content you have to reach the audience you are wanting to inform.

Now for the basics:

  • Schedule tweets, where possible, using programs such as Hootsuite to save time on creating and managing social media updates.
  • Stay on top of daily trending topics, and the ones within your sector, to make use of the most popular talking points.
  • Pay attention to mentions and thank people for sharing content where appropriate. Also, return the favour by retweeting your followers content, especially if it is appropriate to your audience/business.
  • Keep on top of your follower count: follow back people that are of interest to your business and unfollow spam accounts and people that don’t post anything interesting or useful onto your timeline.

All the above are simple tips that can be implemented easily and could see at least double the interaction levels to your account and tweets when used.

Social media management and marketing can be a minefield! If you are struggling with your business’ social media accounts, then get in touch with Ben or Charlotte at Social We Talk for a free consultation.

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