A salt water car? That'll turn all others to rust then!


Here at Social We Talk? we love cars. They can be so much more than an A to B portal. They can be an extension of oneself. The design, the feel, the handling, the legacy - there is so much that can be connected to the vehicle's persona. Whilst loving cars, we're also a huge fan of Planet Earth. We know that alternatives to carbon fuels are desperately required to reduce the impact on our wonderful world. Yes, there have been some great ideas presented in recent years, and the first useable electric cars are now available to purchase from Tesla, Nissan and Renault to name but a few but we're in need of more viable options and developments in technology.

Baring all of that in mind, we were pretty excited to read about a rather revolutionary car announced at the 2014 Geneva motorshow which has just been given the green light for use on European roads, the Quant e-Sportslimousine. The Quant uses an electrolyte flow cell power systems, and simply put, runs on salt water. Now that's pretty cool hey? But I'm sure you're expecting it's as fast as a snail on holiday and has the range of a goldfish outside of its bowl. Not quite. This beautiful car, which can comfortably accommodate four passengers has 920 horsepower meaning 0-62 mph (100 km/h) is reached in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 217.5 mph (350 km/h) whilst having a range of 373 miles. This car could be a light-bulb moment in the history of the motor car. Here's hoping in the not too distant future, that technology like this will be common place in the cars we use in our day, and at the weekend for that matter! Watch the video below: