The death of print displays?

We love great ideas and we love it when those ideas burst into life and become valid solutions.

This week we heard about dB Displays, their user-friendly software and display system with a service suitable for businesses small, medium and large. It enables users the ability to update a digital display from anywhere in the world.

In the age of going green and trying to reduce paper waste whilst maintaining an extremely engaging and strong visual presence to entice customers, what better way than using digital displays?

Your Home Estate agents in Lincoln, England, using dB Displays with full effect.

Your Home Estate agents in Lincoln, England, using dB Displays with full effect.

The case study example dB Displays offer is one where an estate agent has installed four HD screens into their high-street branch. Each screen has a remote that allows customers to browse through properties that have been placed into different categories using ‘media sets’. Uploading to the display is simple and can be done from a desktop computer, tablet or phone. The estate agent is able to upload an image or PDF straight to the screens from any location.

The ‘media sets’ can be assigned to different screens with various style options allowing flexibility to change the background and text color, display font and page size. Variables such as the transition times between images and scheduling a media set are easily managed as well.

The versatility of the product means that instead of waiting for printers to update posters of new offers, the estate agent can upload any new properties or special announcements such as a property reducing its asking price with the a few clicks on a smart phone, tablet or desktop device. Aside from time efficiency, print costs are also eliminated.

The possibilities for technology like this are endless. Within dentistry for example, displays like this could feature in reception rooms explaining new treatments, special offers, or key information about teams and heritage. In a shop it could be a great way to demo the product in a real life scenario, such as the durability of a walking boot, a dingy being sailed in firm winds, a car showroom enabling prospective purchasers to realise the brand qualities and benefits of a particular vehicle over another.

Seeing companies like dB Displays taking the initiative and providing a solution like this is very exciting. Do you think this will take off? How do you perceive customer and retail experiences in the future? The team at Social We Talk? believe solutions like this are the future and your retail experience will only become more digitalised. This means a greater experience and understanding of products and services. Well, in our opinion, this is no bad thing!

Find out more about dB Displays: or on Twitter @dbdisplay.