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Social We Talk are a digital agency based in the creative heart of Sheffield. 

We offer a range of communication services.

These include Website production (using Squarespace), bespoke web design, Social Media Consultancy and Training, Video & Animation, Brand Guidance, Audio Production and Design for Digital as well as Print. We also offer Marketing and Business support.



Squarespace, Design, Audio, Social Media Consultations & Marketing.

Communication Studies BA (hons)

Guitars. Running. Cycling. Travelling. Family. Friends. The Peaks. Cornwall. Faith.



Design, Account Management, Copywriting, Administration.

Product & Furniture Design BA (hons)

Furniture Revival. Running. Family. Adventure. Forests. Rivers. Food. Spas. Faith. Netball.

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Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Photographer & Editor.

BSc Film & Television Production (First), University of York

Adventuring, Exploring, Developing Cultures, The Great Outdoors, Music, New Things, Sport

John is the owner of TRUE GLASS and an Associate of Social We Talk



Marketing,Business Development & Support.

Business Management MBA

Re-imagining. Making ideas happen. Laughing. Family. People. Beautiful views. Languages & Cultures. Lake swimming. NU Jazz. Transformed. Eternally curious.




"What can I say, I guess there are no words! The website is sick and totally shows the crazy fun times that we have on board our yachts. Social We Talk? are always there, so even when we're in the middle of nowhere our prospective guests can always feel as though they are in contact with us. Without these guys, we'd be up shit creek!

Skipper Jimmy



"We have a vastly growing presence in Instagram with over 110,000 followers and we needed a great website to point those visitors too so they can get a real understanding of what we're about. We had a couple of days to turn the website round due to a major magazine publication article (Elle Decoration), and Ben turned the website around and got it live in a matter of hours to meet the deadline. Ben's great to work with and eager to help." 

Dan Potter - Owner, Swallows & Damsons

Web Designer Depot Review

Web Designer Depot website where Swallows and Damsons were named one of the 'Best New UX Portfolio Sites of 2016'

"Swallows and Damsons is the portfolio of a floral arrangement company. I didn’t count, but I doubt there are thirty words in the whole UI and content put together. I don’t see this as a problem. What are you gonna say about flower arrangements? “Uhhh… they’re really, REALLY pretty, so please buy them?”

This is one place where letting photos do all the sales work is a great idea, and the designer’s made it work."



Play the video to hear from Dr Milad Shadooh



"I would highly recommend Social We Talk - they were personable, efficient and worked to a realistic time scale. Their communication throughout the building of my website was excellent and I really felt they heard and understood my needs. Not only that but they then put them into reality and exceeded my expectations. 

They proved to be very capable, thinking creatively to problem solve any difficulties we encountered. They presented me with a top notch website at a competitive price, one which I was more than happy to pay. They were easy to contact throughout the process and very helpful- assisting with any queries I had. 

I've nothing but praise to feedback regarding their work and so would highly
recommend them.

I am thrilled and very grateful!

Thank you!"

Emily West



Play the video to hear from Matt Everatt